Vision and Objective

Introduction and History

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) already implemented since 31st December 2015. Business in ASEAN region are growing rapidly, and it needs professional and competent human resources. Accountant as one of key supporting unit in business needs to be develop well in this AEC era. Universities in ASEAN region realized that competent and professional accountant can be produce if university able to improve the quality of their accounting educations. To improve accounting education in ASEAN and also to strengthen universities cooperation and relations within ASEAN regions, on April 21st 2015 in Bandung, Indonesia, five ASEAN Universities, Universitas Padjadjaran (Indonesia), De La Salle University (Philiphine), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Vietnam (Vietnam), and Universiti Teknologi Mara (Malaysia) had established ASEAN Accounting Educators Workgroup (AAEW). AAEW will be a forum to discuss several strategic matters, among them are:

  1. Creation of ASEAN Accounting Education Forum that will focus on ASEAN accounting education and ASEAN accounting educators
  2. Benchmarking accounting curricula
  3. Exchange students and exchange faculty members
  4. Joint research by faculty members
  5. Joint international conferences on best practices in teaching accounting
  6. Immersion of accounting educators in the industry
  7. Supporting each other’s academic initiatives

Vision of AAEW is

“To Become a resource center for Asean Accounting Education”

Missions of AAEW is

  1. To build ASEAN Accounting Education database,
  2. To have ASEAN Accounting Education Journal,
  3. To promote joint research among members,
  4. To develop ASEAN based case studies,
  5. To have Asean Accounting Education Conference,
  6. To have a place for ASEAN Accounting Education to meet and sharing ideas.


The objectives of the ASEAN Accounting Education Workgroup (AAEW) is to provide input to and empower higher education accounting programs across ASEAN. It has a vision to become an official platform for development of ASEAN higher education accounting programs, enhancing their abilities to produce graduates who can compete in the global accounting markets. It is to further support business and the accounting profession development in the ASEAN Economic Community through advice on matters of relevance to accounting education.

The AAEW is a non-profit voluntary organisation and composes of Individual Members and Representatives from universities and organisations in ASEAN countries To date, the participating countries are Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines, Vietnam, and Cambodia, totalling more than 20 universities from these countries. For your information, AAEW has been meeting bi-annually since April 2014. We have had case study workshop, joint research and conference, students workshop and conference.

The office for AAEW is at the Universitas Padjajaran in Bandung, Indonesia.